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Cigna Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

If you are a Cigna long-term disability (LTD) policyholder whose claim was denied, our long term disability insurance lawyers may be able to help.

When buying into a disability insurance policy, people assume they will be properly compensated if they suffer from a permanent injury or disability that prevents them from going to work. But it doesn't always work that way. Most insurance companies deny legitimate claims, and Cigna is no exception.

In fact, some insurance companies deny disability claims using bad practices in the hopes that policyholders won't do anything about it. That is why the Greg Jones & Associates has LTD lawyers that specialize in denied claims. Our experienced attorneys will fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve. If Cigna has denied your claim, consider getting one of Kelley Law Group's experienced disability insurance lawyers to help.

Our team of experienced long term disability lawyers will fight to make sure that disability insurance companies pay you every cent of the money that you are entitled to. You should not have to suffer due to unfair practices or because you don’t fully understand your rights with your LTD insurer. Greg Jones & Associates doesn’t just make these insurance companies pay you - we help you understand the laws regarding your individual case. Our disability attorneys have successfully handled countless disability insurance claims, even those that have been previously denied.

Why Your Long-term Disability Claim May Have Been Denied

  • Some insurance companies have a 2-year limit on benefits given to those that suffer from mental and nervous conditions
  • They don't acknowledge that your disability is in fact a disability
  • Your claim may have be considered too high and the company may try to settle for far less than you deserve
  • The insurance companies' medical examiners don't think that your injuries are severe enough to warrant a long-term payout

Hiring an Attorney Can Help You with Your Disability Claim

  • LTD attorneys can make sure that you know about and understand all of your rights
  • They can help you identify if you have been a victim of bad practices
  • Lawyers can help make sure that your claim is not drawn out
  • LTD disability attorneys can get you the right compensation for your injury

Our Experienced Disability Attorneys Can Help!

Don't let your insurance company tell you how much compensation you are entitled to. Greg Jones & Associates' disability lawyers are experienced in fighting against long-term disability insurance companies. We know how to get you every dime that you are owed. If you feel that you were denied your long-term disability insurance claim unjustly, let our experienced disability lawyers help you.

We do not charge any upfront fees and we do not take a fee unless we get you money for your disability claim.

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